I looked at my watch it was 1:20
"I already give you my lunch money, what more do you want from me?"
He said "Do not fuckin' run from me, you'll just make it worse!"
I got all hot and sweaty and shit myself at first
Something told me 'try to make the fight happen now, it'll work!'
I screamed
Hodinem: "C'mon you fuckin' prick, teacher, teacher quick I need help"
Teacher: " Stephen do your work"
Hodinem: " Nah! I'ma twat that cunt first!"
Teacher: "You what? Get outta the class and home to your mummy"
Hodinem: "I'm waiting here, after school it's you and me"
Teacher: "Mr Hodson the fun and games are over and just for that stunt you'r getting extra homework!"
Hodinem: "But don't you want to give me 'Internal Suspension'?
Teacher: "Nah, that kid thinks he's gonna beat your ass, so I'ma let him!"

Chorus: (Repeat Twice)

Way before I started rappin' daily
I was harrased on a regular basis
By this paki who thought I was a racist
A year eleven, who pused me into the lockers
Probably coz his father was a kickboxer
So everyday he made me pick up dockers
One day he came in the toilets while I was pissin'
And put me in a position where he beat me into submission
He smacked my head on the drainpipe till my nose was broke
Soacked my coat with piss, grabbed me and strangled my throat
I tried to stop it and make up an excuse
About me and being late for the bus queue but he kept chokin' me till I couldn't breathe
He looked at me and said "You gonna die, Hoddy!"
The headmaster walked in, pulled his cock out and pissed on me
I made 'em leave by makin' 'em think I was dead
I'd held my breath for like ten inutes before they left
I got up and staggered to the technology storage rooms
Grabbed some hacksaws and a chainsaw amogst other tools
This is for everytime you made my shirt come loose or stole my lunch money or my pornographic mags
Everytime you tripped me up and I landed in my soup
I gettin' you back prink, now and it feels good
I dragged his body outside and dug a grave in the mud, therew him in
and covered it up with soot...
Later on at home, that same fuckin' day
I was doin' my homework and all aspect of vision went away
I didn't even know what I was tryin' to write
I went into the bathroom and fell in some shite
My mother started screamin' "What the fuck is this all ove my rug?"
"It looks like shit but it fuckin' tastes good!"
She hit me over the head with a wooden doll
It created a hole big enough for my whole brain to seep outta my skull
I picked it up and screamed "Fuckin' hell mum what have you done?"
She said "Holy shit, I'm sorry son!"
"Shut up you cunt!"
I picked it up, stuck it back up in my head, glued it shut and shove a couple of screws in my head

Chorus: (Repeat Till Fade)"> I hope all is well! Keep up the work ???? http://kiddia.net/alternative-music/mp3-15338-suspension.html?912
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