Do the body like P-A-T
Swang and bang like E.S.G.
G's and ballers like HSE
If I'm chillin with a girl you got to be star
Sippin white cup it got to be the bar
Blue black and red don't touch my car
Screwed up click is who we are
25 lighters like DMD
20 inch rims on GMC
Space age pimping like MJG
Let the world know I'm sucka free
Like botany boys I'm just a "g"
Living the life of luxary
F-l-i-p is who I be
Hittin the switch scoopy lee
We millionaires and billionaires flying to shows to in rockets
The money you make in a year I got that in my pocket

Buy the car Buy the house
Pimp the wife Pimp the spouse
Throw the diamonds in her mouth Realest rhyming in the south
Back to back track to track none of yall can get with that
Lil' Flip and sucka free always making paper stacks

Like a teacher make a two plus let her know that I'm gon smash her
Heard how you done James Byrd down up in Jasper
Action prison baby its time to kill
E.S.G. and Solo thats ten-thousand x(times) a mill(million)
So wuz da deal all you fake snakes rider real
Better guard your grill and keep your steel nigga get killed on the battle
Field we poppin pill and paying bills make them make steel for the scrill
Then cock my pump back fuck a contract and see if you gone get killed
Sharing his skills on sex appeal how'd it feel get hit with this drill
Catch a pill fucking with the real tell what type of weapon you ain't seal
Cedric Hill I will reveal caught strill from here to Nashville
Flipping good game gripping with grain 84 glass wheel
I don't want no deal I'm a stay independent
I don't want no deal i'll make a mill(million) a minute
Hit the mall and spend it get bended with a top spot sparkle
Black hard to ball regardless as I fall through Neman Markus
They nautios and cautios I go to war on it
Tightest rapper from Houston since the face with the scar on it
Those are the dirty bonnetts opponetts bet buried dead
You should of told that it like its that com back with botany black libray
Red oh scary fed they see the big head I'm made on the last bundle
On a fubu mu goose puna maroo and glass jungle
Thats for my panther and parrots block full of ice and mascara
3 diamond stud young as thug we ain't worried marriage

(Chorus) 2x"> This is such a chic look! http://kiddia.net/easy-listening/mp3-34045-realest-rhymin.html?902
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